NurseHealer’s Journal-Inspired Thoughts

NurseHealer’s Journal-Inspired Thoughts #1

February 27, 2023

I’ve been journaling off and on for over 50 years. I rarely, if ever, shared anything directly from my journals with anyone. Now that I’m retired, I’m feeling a nudge to share a few journal-inspired thoughts from time to time. That said, this is my first notation.

My Little Ghost Friend

I have shared the story of “my little ghost friend” many times over the years, generally relating just enough of my experience to be relevant to my audience. When I was a small child I spent much time in solitude; but I was never alone. I was in the company of nature, animals and the one I called “my little ghost friend”. There is much peace and clarity in this space. It is that familiar space from whence we come and to which we can retreat for clarity, surety, inner peace, hope, boundless joy and simple certainty. In the space of this solitude is the “all-knowing”. There is no uncertainty or fear in the company of divine presence. Within this space is absolute understanding of the otherwise unknowable, unobservable unseen world and timelessness. There is no doubt. There is no fear. There is no uncertainty. There is the unshakable knowledge of the “all-life”, of all that was and is and ever shall be. It’s not like you know anything all at once. It is that what you know is understood deep within your soul to the depths of understanding as are expedient and beneficial in your space and time. This knowledge of truth otherwise beyond your level of understanding exists in perfect clarity. It is the space of infinite wisdom. It is the space of the all-knowing. It is a protected space within which there is no need for explanation or definition, as it is a space of limitless trust. My little ghost friend was always available to me. Being a small child, I enjoyed playing and talking with my little ghost friend much of the time. It was a time of great joy.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed to have many wonderful experiences with those precious spirits who come with pure hearts and unconditional abounding love to comfort, encourage and inspire. I am grateful for this knowledge, trust and peace. I wish for you many blessings and an enlightened journey.

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