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    Gratitude Minute: Truth 

    Gratitude Minute: 

    The Gratitude Minute is a personal gratitude video journal, and a moment to align yourself with your highest intention for a day at your best. It only takes a minute. I‘m grateful for truth. If you don’t have truth, you don’t have anything. I used to think truth and reality were synonymous. They’re not, really. We invent our own reality by the choices we make, what we believe, how we process our experiences, and how we perceive everything. But truth is truth. If it isn’t true, it isn’t truth. I know that sounds o simplistic it borders on silliness. Go ahead and laugh. And then begin applying the concept to your own experiences and interactions with others. I feel so strongly about truth and honesty that, even if I suspect that someone disbelieves something I say, I automatically assume the body language of a person who is lying. It’s not even a conscious behavior. I recognize that I am doing it; but it’s too late. My great-grandfather always said, “My word is my bond.”The principle of honesty was so ingrained in our family through the generations that we feel guilty when someone just “thinks”we might be less than forthcoming. I know that’s going a little too far, and, still, I’d rather hold honesty is such a high regard than to ever deliberately be untruthful. Even the little “white lies”as we call them, like saying, “Yes, that looks nice on you”, make me cringe. I’ve always said, I’d rather you spit in my face than lie to me.” That may sound like an exaggeration; but it gets my point across more clearly than anything else I could imagine saying. The words may have a slight shock effect on people; but the tone of my voice as I say them lets them know how serious I am about truth. I am grateful for truth, for the recognition of truth and for the expression of truth to our best ability. Our lives are filled with purpose. We are one community of living beings on this big blue marble. The very least we can do for one another is share our truth.

    One Breath Meditation:

    Eckhart Tolle tells us that one breath, fully conscious, is a meditation. Join me in a one breath meditation and feel your energy shift, as the energy surrounding you shifts as well. Take a long, slow, deep breath in and hold it while you give your awareness to the sensation of the essential breath of life within your lungs and the physical, mental and emotional benefits of deep inspiration. When you are ready, release your breath out your mouth, and feel the tenseness in your shoulders slip away as you relax, center and align your energy with your higher self. As you do this, you are aligned with the frequency of spiritual light wherein all is for highest good. Allow your energy to shift into this comfortable state of clarity and composure. From this state all is possible, and all is as it should be. Enter this state with a one breath meditation whenever you feel impressed to shift your energy to a higher frequency.

    If you enjoyed this brief moment of gratitude, subscribe to NurseHealer Video on the YouTube page or at NurseHealer.Video on the web.

    Thank you, and many blessings.

    Gratitude Minute

    Gratitude Minute


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    Blessing for today ~ Do the Right Thing ~ 


    Blessing for today ~ Do the Right Thing ~

    Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. ~ C.S. Lewis ~

    Here are two definitions for integrity:

    1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
    2. The state of being whole and undivided.

    When we consider the quintessence of integrity, we begin to see it as the defining balance of verity. Each moment of time is balanced in integrity, or it is outside of the purview of integrity. An act is honest, or it is dishonest. We prefer to rationalize that something is more or less honest when we feel shame or guilt. There is no more or less in integrity. Integrity is, itself, pure honesty. We speak of the integrity of a structure, meaning that it is intact. When we are in the “integrity zone” our wholeness is intact. Our thoughts, actions and beliefs are all congruent. We are stable and undivided.

    Integrity is, in it’s simplest form, doing the right thing. There have been many situations in my life where there were varying options to choose from that seemed completely reasonable and rational, though each would ultimately lead to a remarkably different conclusion. My decisions are made easy by considering the simple phrase, “do the right thing”. Often we know what the right thing is, but we choose another course of action. Once we pause to consider the right thing, it is painful to do anything else. That is integrity. Doing the right thing isn’t always the most pleasant choice. At times the right thing is most unpleasant. At times doing the right thing means taking your punishment, deserved or not. At times it means walking away from a person or situation, temporarily or permanently. There may be some degree of unpleasantness when you do the right thing, but integrity is balance. In balance there is peace. If we desire to be at peace, with our integrity intact, the only appropriate choice is to do the right thing.

    How will you express integrity today?

    HERE is Integrity: Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason, by Barbara Killinger.


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    Blessing for Today

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    Blessing for today ~ 21 Habits of Happy People 

    Blessing for today ~ 21 Habits of Happy People ~ http://bit.ly/1z8syrn

    21 Habits of Happy People

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