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    NurseHealer August News ~ Mobile Friendly, New Projects, Freebies… and More! 

    NurseHealer August News ~ Mobile Friendly, New Projects, Freebies… and More!


    People are accessing Web sites from their mobile devices more than on home computers these days. NurseHealer took a look itself and responded with tablet- and smart-phone-friendly Web pages. The major pages of the site have been updated with larger print and bigger buttons that should make it much easier to navigate on your mobile devices.

    Button Examples:

    Follow Me Buttons

    Search Button


    The bad news is that NurseHealer suffered data corruption on the main hard drive where some important files are stored. Efforts are underway to recover the data. In the mean time, …

    The good news is there is currently a greater focus on diversity of services, files, downloads, etc. Some of the major projects underway are on hold while data recovery is taking place, and that frees up time and focus to direct energy into some smaller projects that can be completed in a relatively short amount of time. Losing access to critical data has moved us to mindfulness, not only of backup systems, but also of making available those files that once were posted to NurseHealer and are still of interest. Some are being dragged out of the archives and posted almost exactly as they once were, such as the FREE Food Storage Recipes, Recipes for Life! Others are getting pretty much a whole new re-write and being published in a new format, such as the Para/PSI Word of the Day that began about ten years ago as daily postings to a group online. Now it is being published in eBook format with 365 (plus) terms to spark conversation and interest among those involved in these areas. Volume one is published (the first year’s worth of terminology), and Volume Two is in the works.


    NurseHealer Network (NurseHealer.net) has been expanded to include:

    • Community of Souls
    • PSI (Phenomenal Spirit Investigations)
    • NurseHealer Soulistic Radio
    • NurseHealer Video
    • Soulful Wellbeing

    Community of Souls is an online spiritual community of entrepreneurs working together to help others, to share uplifting thoughts, and to impart peace, joy and love harmoniously. The Community of Souls Facebook Group is the platform for this spiritually conscious community.

    PSI (Phenomenal Spirit Investigations) is a spiritual service format for paranormal investigators who adhere to strict standards of excellence in research, investigation and client-based services. The PSI Manual for Paranormal Investigation, is being prepared as the combined collection of the best tools and practices compiled from a lifetime of research, investigation and teaching. PSI on You Tube is an archive of educational and information videos related to paranormal investigation and research with categorized playlists from many sources.

    NurseHealer Soulistic Radio (NSR) is the new name for NurseHealer Radio, with a focus on promoting soulful holistic well-being through conscious awareness.
    The format is changing from the old radio station (currently still operating), streaming classes, workshops and meditation from previous shows to a new format. The new format will bring in several new hosts as NSR expands to encompass the new goals. After that transition, NSR’s next step is to operate with a full broadcast schedule of regular hosts from all over the world. This is quite an undertaking, and will require some fresh new staff for the final transition. Your patience is appreciated as these changes are taking place.

    NurseHealer Video currently provides free 5 Minute Meditation Videos via YouTube. Plans are being considered to add full-length experiential and educational videos and DVDs. Future Webinars are anticipated, and may be handled through this category as well.

    Soulful Wellbeing is a book and community outreach program in the works that addresses many modalities for holistic health, spiritual growth and personal empowerment.

    Grab some freebies from NurseHealer!

    • Aromatherapy Measurement Conversions

      Units of measure and equivalents for Practical Aromatherapy. Convert between drops, ml, ounce, and other measures for herbal essential oil blends, oils, powders, and more.

    • Herbal Essential Oil Healing Recipes

      Herbal recipes for making your own healing and cleansing oils, powders, sprays, salts, lotions, sachets and blends.

    • Developing a Personal Mission Statement

      Build a vision or mission statement for your life with these step-by-step instructions. See NurseHealer.com Classes for the complete class.

    • Feng Shui BaGua for Home

      Know the directions, elements, colors, animals, shapes and suggestions to organize and accessorize your home with a healthy flow of positive energy.

    • Smudging

      Basic smudging techniques, smudge feathers and making your own smudge sprays and mists.

    • Making Smudge Feathers

      Simple bas

    More FREEBIES!

    OR, just go to http://www.nursehealer.com/store/free for links to everything else FREE from NurseHealer! Enjoy!

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    NurseHealer Store



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    Releasing Attachments, and What and Where is Spirit 

    This may very well be the most unpopular blog-post I ever write. I am writing it from the space of most pure love in my heart. I pray that you will be in the most pure space of your heart for your own peace of mind and well-being as you receive it.

    Let me address the second part of the blog title a little to begin with, and I will come back to it again later. You may be familiar with Native American or religious beliefs that teach something to with everything being spirit. Science tells us that we are literally made up with the stuff of the cosmos. Asking, “what is Spirit”, may be a little like asking, “what is space?” We now know that space is not empty, yet we cannot completely identify what is there. Spirit is that part of you that cannot be measured, and it is much more than that. Spirit is the light source of our eternal souls, and it within all of us. I have come to believe that everything truly is Spirit. My personal experience with that has come in many ways over the years. You may have some similar experiences. I can remember as a child feeling a part of the melody of nature as I felt the wind across my face, smelled the grass, honeysuckle and leaves, and as I touched a leaf, a rose or the bark of a tree. This is Spirit. Spirit is felt in recollection of moments of feeling what my pet felt, feeling it in love, in peace and in sorrow reaches the sinews of my heart even now after many, many years. This is the empathy of Spirit. Teaching meditation principles, from this one who said for many years, “I can’t meditate”, not realizing that I was meditating all the while, I often share this thought. Meditation is the space of the soul. There are many practices that can enhance meditation in one way or another. Do whatever feels right to you for your meditation practice. Most importantly, be fully present in any meditation moment. Whether you are saying your morning prayer, enjoying a sunset, touching a flower, or gazing into the water in the basin, each of these is a meditation moment wherein your soul can connect to Spirit in a peaceful, loving, quieting stillness that soothes your heart and enlightens your intelligence. Any moment of connection can be an inspiration, a healing balm and a space of peace, even in the midst of chaos and disaster. Oneness is being in the space of Spirit more completely than in our everyday existence. In that space we can know that all is Spirit. We can find Spirit in all that is.

    One thing we concern ourselves with in meditation, in hypnosis, and in finding peace in our lives is letting go of that which is not in alignment or alliance with our benefit and well-being. We may refer to these things as “attachments”. Are attachments Spirit? Yes, they are Spirit in that all is Spirit. Is there a certain energy to whatever it is that you would prefer to release from your current life situation? Of course there is. When you meditate you see it more clearly. You can narrow down your focus to identify a specific aspect of what you desire to release: a certain frequency of it. Perhaps you see it as a color in your mind’s eye. Perhaps you sense it as a particular feeling. You know what you want to release. You can identify it. You can name it. It exists. You may visualize it as a darkness or heaviness of your aura or in your body. You may have an awareness of it in some other way. This attachment may be a thought that nags in your mind. It might be an experience that just stays with you. It may be a personality trait that pops up in people who come into your life. It may be a fear that prevents your progress in some way. Whether your attachment is a thought, emotion, person, ghost or demon, the way to release it is the same. Since all is Spirit, and Spirit is Source energy, you release it with love and peace to the light of Source. Everything that exists has a purpose. This dispensation is governed by one immutable law: freedom of choice. In order for there to be choices there must be challenge. How could we choose what we desire if we ONLY had what we desire in our lives? There prevail in this world, in this manifestation of existence, those things that challenge us to identify what we choose for our lives. When we release the unwanted with love and appreciation to the light of Source, they may move in their present state of being or in a transmuted state to where ever Source identifies that they may best serve their Divine purpose. We are not separate from Source. We are, as all that exists is, a part of Source. We are stars in the matrix of Source, all connected, all a part of one another. Releasing attachments is letting go. Why does anything become an attachment? It is because we draw it to us, of course. You may say, “But I would never ask for this to be in my life.” The law of manifestation or attraction advises us that what we give our thought, focus and attention to is what shows up more and more in our lives. The challenge, then, is to let go of that thought, emotion and focus. We do that by giving thought, emotion and focus to peace, love and harmony. Meditation alone releases many attachments for us. When we find ourselves attracting more of what we don’t want to our lives, as if we were a vacuum for all that we do not desire, the surest way to release it is by loving it. We thank this unwanted attachment for serving its purpose in contrast and challenge. After all, we drew it into us, even if we did not understand that we invite, we beckon, we call, we entice, we draw to us that which we do not desire by allowing the thought of it to charge us with undesirable emotion and overwhelming disdain. The answer, then is so obvious that we overlook it or deny its veracity. If we draw the undesired to us by our empowered thought, emotion and focus upon it with antipathy; then we repel it with the opposite emotion. We release it with kindness and love, and even with sympathy. We fill our hearts and minds with gratitude, peace and love, and release the unwanted attachment to be transmuted, if that is the most benevolent action or guided by the light of Source, the radiant glow of Spirit, to manifest in the most loving way.

    I have been given two enlightening visions over the years that changed the course of my understanding of the Spirit World. The first came many years ago. I saw myself driving down a long stretch of road in the darkness. The road was lined on both sides with people standing side by side for many miles. The people were ghosts, or the spirits of people rather than humans in the flesh. My realization from this vision was that spirits exist all around us all the time. We often speak of realms of existence, planes, dimensions or parallel worlds. Whatever words you use to describe it, my perception of the Spirit World is that it isn’t somewhere out there in the universe. It is here and now. Those nonphysical beings among us go about their existence in the world that is like them, more spiritual. Those in the flesh go about their lives in the world that is more like them. more physical. Sometimes our worlds are so similar that we become aware of one another and interact accordingly. The other vision I spoke of was a little more surprising to me. I had been taught by religion to view what we called “demons” in a specific way. Sometimes people refer to their “demons”, meaning whatever it is they don’t want in their lives. My vision was how crowded every room, every building, every place on Earth was, and how prevalent in the crowds were demons. These demons were largely unaware of those of us in the flesh. However, at times their attention would be captured by someone or some situation that called for contrast, for challenge, that resonated with them in their current state of being. The energetic substance of the physical became charged with the voltage, the energy of the demon. The demon fell upon something that felt like “home” for it, and took up residence there. This is all according to the plan of this creation. Without contrast there can be no choice. Without challenge, there can be no growth. I began to see demons in a very different way than what religion had portrayed them. I knew already that to avoid interacting with demons, even from the religious viewpoint, one should avoid enticing them. Now I could see that, whether we thought of demons in the traditional religious way, or as our personal “demons” of those feelings and experiences we would prefer not to have in our lives, the answer to how to deal with them was the same. All is Spirit. We draw to us that which is like the energy we are expressing inwardly or outwardly. Challenge is what feels like the opposite what we would prefer. Challenge is necessary until it is not. In other words, when there is no more need for challenge, that challenge dissipates from that space. Perhaps the next highest challenge will feel better to us. And, as I worked with people trying to rid themselves of their demons, the MOST important thing they needed to know was what they least wanted to hear. They had to change whatever it was in their lives, their habits, their thoughts, their emotions and their actions that drew their demons to them in the first place. If they remained in the same energy as their demons, their demons would be drawn in again. It is simply this. When we find ourselves constantly bombarded by what we least desire, the answer is to be LESS like that which we least desire. There is some equivalent in our lives that is in alignment, in the same frequency, emotion, feeling, thought or energy as that which we least desire. Heightened emotion in relation to the experience such as fear, anger, even rage, puts an electrical charge to the situation that turns us into an ”electromagnet” for that which we least desire. So, to turn off the magnet, we negate that energy with the opposite: with love, appreciation and peace. The visualization that helps me do that with my “demons” is seeing all those demons going about their existence oblivious to me until I flip the switch that draws their attention. It is knowing that I can love what I least desire by knowing that it, too, has a purpose in this world of challenge, and appreciating that challenge is what brings about growth and prosperity. It is also knowing that each challenge will manifest in the manner in which is called upon. The same energy that creates the tornado that destroys to make way for something new and wonderful could also manifest as personal havoc for someone who refuses to release their rage and violence. Challenge will exist where it is called upon until it has served its purpose there.

    We all come from light Source. We are all Spirit. When we see through the heart we see Spirit all around us. Thank you, Divine Spirit.

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    Freebie Friday ~ Classes ~ 

    >>> Free gift from NurseHealer <<<

    FREE Classes

    You may have noticed that I missed the Freebie Friday post yesterday. OK, perhaps that’s not the BEST way to start the New Year. LOL! I didn’t get finished with the freebie I was preparing. Let not a week go by without a Freebie Friday, er Saturday!

    HERE are a multitude of FREE online classes in my archive. Most have the audio mini version of the class and links to lots of resources. Enjoy!

    And …

    As long as we are talking about the New Year, I will share with you a few of the future plans that I have been working on.

    2015 Classes ~ Webinars:

    Instead of monthly local classes and radio broadcasts of mini classes, I am preparing to offer Webinars with slides, audio, video and downloads. Webinars offer the opportunity for the best of every tool available for workshops. I have been experimenting with various different platforms, and I have selected one that meets all my needs and yours extremely well. There is still much preparation involved to present quality presentations with valuable content. An announcement is forthcoming, so be sure to follow the blog to be the first to know about Webinar announcements.

    2015 Radio ~ NurseHealer Radio Station:

    NurseHealer Radio is preparing to open up an amazing new format! I am sure that you are tired of hearing my old BlogTalk Radio shows running randomly on my radio station. Good News! That is all about to change. NurseHealer Radio is preparing to run a full program schedule with numerous hosts broadcasting regular weekly programs on topics like spiritual development, psychic senses, energy healing, intuitive and spiritual guidance, and LOTS more! The very popular Metaphysical Metro weekly program will be making a return with a new host as well. NurseHealer Radio already has an iPhone/iPad App running. If there is sufficient interest, an Android App will be added as well. Follow the blog for announcements for listeners and program hosts.

    2015 Divine Purpose Guidework(TM) Programs:

    The Divine Purpose Guidework book will be available on Amazon soon. A limited number of private sessions will be available, and programs related to Divine Purpose Guidework will be available. These programs will include personal growth and coaching, group sessions, apprenticeships and a practitioner program. As each program rolls out, announcements will be made on the Nurse-Healer Blog.

    Well, there you have it! This is what I have spent 2014 preparing to bring forth in 2015, and I am delighted to behold it’s imminent inception!

    I can hardly wait to hear your plans for 2015! Best wishes!

    Freebie Friday on NurseHealer.com is a chance to get something nice absolutely FREE!

    Watch for more freebies from NurseHealer.

    Freebies to watch for:

    • Meditation Videos
    • Meditation, Spiritual or Educational eBooks
    • Meditation or Hypnosis mp3s
    • Tickets to Webinars and other Web events
    • Class downloads in MP3 and PDF formats
    • NurseHealer Radio Broadcast Schedule of Special Events
    • … and More!

    Enjoy your Freebie Friday gifts from NurseHealer at:

    More VIDEOS and EBOOKS

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    Freebie Friday

    For meditation and hypnosis CDs, visit NurseHealer Store.

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    NurseHealer Inspiration & Relaxation Music on Pandora 

    NurseHealer Inspiration & Relaxation favorites plays music to stir your soul and thoughts to inspire you on Pandora.

    I enjoy relaxing to soft music when I meditate of drift off to sleep. Pandora allows me to enjoy the sweet sounds of nature, flutes, strings and peaceful melodies from my computer, iPad or mobile phone. Tune in for your relaxation pleasure.


    Mary Catherine Miller


    NurseHealer on Pandora

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