Divine Purpose Reading Workshop in Bedford July 10 – Register Early – Limited Seating 

NurseHealer Soulistic Resource Network Events

NurseHealer Soulistic Resource Network Events

NurseHealer Soulistic Resource Network is honored to offer this special workshop in Bedford, Texas.

Divine Purpose Reading Workshop with NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller

Using Path of the Soul Destiny Cards

Sunday, July 10, 2016 Noon to 3 PM in Bedford, Texas

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  • Learn how to get quick answers to questions like, “What should my next step be” or “What does Spirit want me to know”, and receive personal guidance for yourself or your clients on what action to take.
  • Receive instruction and perform your own readings to gain insight on what to expect in the near future, factors influencing the situation and advantageous actions to take.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the life path and obtain personal guidance for fulfilling your life purpose in the present as well as the overall life perspective.

Mary Catherine Miller says:

“I love Cheryl Lee Harnish’s Path of the Soul Destiny Cards! These cards are beautifully designed and intuitively inspired.”

Divine Purpose Reading Workshop

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Divine Purpose Reading Workshop includes:

  • Boxed deck of Path of the Soul Destiny cards
  • 3 hours of personal training and practice
  • Instruction and practice with 3 spread layouts:
    • 3-Card Guidance Spread
    • 4-Card Upcoming Spread
    • 5-Card Soul Path Spread
  • Hands-on personal practice
  • Local workshop in Bedford, Texas
  • Practice exercises for after the workshop
  • Additional material on Divine Purpose

About Divine Purpose readings:

Divine Purpose is your divinely inspired intent for this lifetime. It is the reason you are here on this planet in this place at this time. Divine Purpose readings involve spiritual guidance for mindful living with clarity and higher perspective for personal growth through the sacred higher self. Divine purpose is the soul’s purpose, the divinely inspired intent of this incarnation. Understanding divine purpose clarifies life’s priorities and guides us in ways to navigate life with grace and assurance. Aligning with divine purpose puts us in the flow of Creation wherein we feel inner peace, joy and hope. Living our divine purpose brings us into alignment with Divine nature and into harmony with the vibration of the universe.


Enrollment for this workshop is limited to six (6) students. Register early to secure your seat.

Path of the Soul Destiny Cards


About the cards:

  • Cheryl Lee Harnish’s Path of the Soul Destiny Cards present a high vibrational frequency and the energy of pure unconditional love. Experience profound spiritual guidance and insight into your soul’s purpose, inner gifts and spiritual advancement. These card decks are hard to find in stock anywhere.
  • There are 44 gold-gilded cards in the deck accompanied by a guide booklet. Each card displays an intuitively channeled Fractal Energy Art image, a tool of ascension that emanates a unique vibration and meaning. The cards create amazing spreads and are easy to read and interpret.


Whats in the box

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Divine Purpose Reading Workshop

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NurseHealer Soulistic Resource Network Events

NurseHealer Soulistic Resource Network Events

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