Aromatherapy, in Essence! – Lift Your Spirits and Make Aromatherapy Tissues!

Aromatherapy, in Essence

Here are some Aromatherapy Ideas, in Essence!

Lift your spirits!

Lift your spirits!

This aromatherapy blend is sure to lift your spirits!

2 drops Bergamot

2 drops Lemon

2 drops Orange

Use in your favorite diffuser, or apply a drop to your handkerchief for a refreshing breeze.

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Aromatherapy Tissues

Aromatherapy tissues

Follow these simple steps to make your own aromatherapy tissues for your home or to share as a gift.

1. Gather supplies (a box of tissues and your essential oil of choice).
2. Open the box of tissues along the side or bottom flaps.
3. Put a drop of oil on each of the FOUR FLAPS (NOT directly on the tissues).
4. Put a spot of glue on each of the four flaps to reseal the box (NOT directly on the essential oil).
5. Hold the re-glued spots in place for a couple of minutes.
6. Enjoy your scented tissues!

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What is Aromatherapy?

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is holistic healing with herbal essential oils by smell and touch. Aromatherapy blends are used in diffusers that spread the scent and oil molecules through the air. They are also used in many other mediums, including massage oils, bath salts, lotions, powders, salves, and many more. It takes only minute amounts of essential oil to produce sufficient quantity of product to serve a family for many months, and sometimes years. Aromatherapy products make great gifts for special occasions; so, if you make your own products, you always have something nice to share.

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Aromatherapy is the use of herbal essential oils alone, in carrier oils and in other products via a variety of delivery systems. herbal essential oils are used in mood alteration, cognitive stimulation, relaxation, healing, cleansing, as antimicrobial agents and in household cleaning products. 

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Make your own herbal essential oil sprays, lotions, oils, powders and sachets! Aromatherapy is the use of herbal essential oils for therapeutic, calming or revitalizing effects, and for household use in cleaning liquids, room scents, and deodorizers. The Practical Aromatherapy eBook by NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller tells you what you need to get started, how to begin, and how to store your herbal essential oils and products. It describes the fundamental characteristics of essential oils, and lists examples of each category. The suggested oils for a basic kit can be your shopping list to choose from. Just circle the ones you like, then check off the essential oils you purchase. The booklet contains 54 recipes for using your essential oils to make sprays for cleaning and healing; powders for body and carpet; oils for massage and furniture; and blends to add to any recipe. Also included is a chart of aromatherapy measurements and equivalents to use in converting recipes to any size you wish.

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